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EFFECTIVE AIR BALANCE, INC.  has been providing Certified Testing, Adjusting and Balancing services since 1976.

Our Mission is to provide our customers with a precise Test, Adjust and Balance Service, using AABC standards and in a timely manner.

Building Pressurization
Lab HVAC Systems
Hydronic Balancing
Associated Air Balance Council
AABC maintains four (4) separate certification programs that measure and recognize the technical competence of its members. Certification is contingent upon meeting established experience requirements and receiving a passing score on the respective examination. Certification is renewable on an annual basis, pending review of the TBE and agency's performance, and is issued in the name of the person and the member agency.

Test and Balance Technicians perform field testing and analysis of HVAC systems; make system adjustments; record readings; and prepare test and balance reports for approval by the agency TBE. Requirements for certification include: a minimum of three (3) years test and balance experience, with the last year of employment by an AABC certified agency; and a passing score on the Technician Certification examination

The AABC Quality Assurance Program is an ongoing initiative that promotes high industry standards and customer satisfaction by allowing owners and engineers to comment on AABC member services. The program is designed to enhance communications with the customer and let engineers know that AABC is dedicated to ensuring a high degree of professionalism in the industry.

Members of AABC participate in the program by submitting a National Performance Guaranty on every project. A brief questionnaire is then sent to the engineer, who in turn, can provide immediate feedback on the performance of the member agency.