AABC Certified

AABC – Associated Air Balance Council

AABC maintains four (4) separate certification programs that measure and recognize the technical competence of its members. Certification is contingent upon meeting established experience requirements and receiving a passing score on the respective examination.

Providing a complete Testing Adjusting and Balancing service includes being able to identify problems that may exist with a system. ¬†We use the best instrumentation and follow AABC standards to provide a “Total System Balance”. Properly balancing an HVAC system requires a good understanding of what is required and the proper approach.

Water Balancing is a Significant part of a “Total System Balance”.  We have had many years of experience with hydronic systems and we have the tools and expertise to properly balance or diagnose any problem. Even when flow devices are not installed, we offer the option of noninvasive Transit Time Ultrasonic Flow readings.

Effective Air Balance, Inc. has been an AABC Certified Testing and Balancing in NJ since the inception of the AABC. As an AABC Certified Testing and Balancing agency, we provide a higher level of service than a regular NJ TAB Contractor. Only AABC Agencies are completely Independent. Independence is the Cornerstone of AABC.

Wether it is room air changes per hour or OSA testing after a MERV-13 filter change, we are experts in airflow verification to support your COVID-19 projects.